Title Country Abstract Type
8 octobre 2015
An introduction of leanSix Sigma on the CSSD Netherlands VAN OOST Bart exe (0,139Mo)
Lean Management approach applied to Central Sterilisation Service Department (CSSD) France MAGNIN Sebastien ppt
Critical parameters, parametric release and supervision of steam sterilization France GOULLET Dominique ppt
Biological indicators role in CSSD equipment qualification and monitoring Brazil LARANJEIRA Paulo ppt
Impact assessment of residual moisture in surgical sets after sterilization France FAYARD Camille ppt
The role of the patient in a multidisciplinary team - the patient is “in" Germany KRAMER Axel ppt
Functional controls of the rigid endoscopes and light guides in Central Sterilization Service Department France BOMBAIL Melanie ppt
Risks analysis following the sealing controls of the containers joints in Swiss institutions Switzerland CAVIN Fredy ppt
Requirements of validation of packaging systems and sterility assurance Germany DUNKELBERG Hartmut ppt
Creation of a dematerialized platform dedicated to ancillaries France MALKI Myriam ppt
How do you ensure your loan kit is clean and sterile Australia BUTLER Jane ppt
Relevance of using a recomposition support tool (Ancitrak) for loan instruments into the sterilization process in a large hospital France
DUPLOYEZ Anne-Cecile ppt
9 octobre 2015
Activitie and costs of french sterilization: a new approach France CUBERTAFOND Annette ppt
The supply chain of sterile medical devices in your hospital: improving patient safety and gaining efficiency on stock control Netherlands PEREBOOM Tom ppt
Custom 3D printing spinal implant France ASSAKER Richard ppt
Measurements of only pressure and temperature are insufficient to monitor steam sterilization processes Netherlands VAN DOORNMALEN Joost ppt
Development of cleaning agents for biofilm removal Switzerland ROSENBERG Urs ppt
Bacterial endospores: structure, resistance and sporicidal testing UK MAILLARD Jean Yves ppt
Do we have the magical tool to prevent bacterial survival in hospitals-cheap copper? Macedonia SIMONOSKA Aneta ppt
The science behind the new UK decontamination guidelines UK PERRETT David ppt
Peracetic Acid Gas Plasma Sterilisation Japan KOBAYASHI Hiroyoshi ppt
Validation of hydrogen peroxide Sterilizers following ISO 14937 Germany ROTH Klaus ppt
Hydrogenperoxide sterilisation in an ISO EN 13485 environment Netherlands MEERT Wouter ppt
Training of Pharmaceutical professionals specialists and technicians in sterilization in Argentina Argentina CHIODINI Carolina ppt
An e-learning platform to reassess the expertise of our sterilization staff members France SCHOLLER Julie ppt
LTS of flexible endoscopes : protection from detrimental impacts of the sterilant during the process Netherdlands V. DEM HAGEN Tronje
Endoscope storage / drying cabinet :importance of qualications France PINEAU Lionel ppt
Process Challenge Devices for Flexible Endoscopes-What are we doing and where are we going? Germany WEHRL Markus ppt
10 octobre 2015
Life cycle assessment of single-use and reusable surgical instruments Sweden HEMSTRÖM Kristian ppt
Benchmarking to improve hygiène and environmental controls in sterilization unit France REITER-SCHATZ Aurelie ppt
Validation of the cleaning processes of Robotic Instruments Austria MIORINI Tillo ppt